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It really seems to have come away from the Legoland that it was when it first opened and is now just trying to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible. The Atlantis ride queuing area is very badly designed and only has enough space for about 30 minutes queue.

The queue on the days we were there was only about 45 minutes long but left the queue barriers and staff had had to make temporary barriers for the queue which snaked down along the main path for a couple of hundred yards. Many people have complained about parking charges, a charge that I think is absolutely disgusting considering: 1.

The cost of park entrance 2. It is a national attraction so attracts people from all over the country so public transport is not an option, if there was somewhere within walking distance of the park to park the car without cost I would have done. Much of the car park is untarmacced and so you are parking on gravel, leaving the car filthy inside and out. Having been to Legoland on several previous occasions this was by far my worst experience. Every time before I fully enjoyed it, had no problems with queueing once went during term time with preschool child, once during very busy period waiting for over an hour for rides and once in dull weather so was very empty.

The owners seem to have become complacent about the park, its attractions and the staff and are overly concerned with making you spend more and more money.

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One of my sons received a Lego City truck for his birthday. I won't be going back for some time, hopefully by then they will have scrapped the ridiculous q-bots, but then maybe not if enough people are prepared to double the cost of park entrance, so ruining it for people who cannot afford to do so, or do not want to pay for something that should be included in the entrance fee.

Let me start by saying that my sister and I had a good time at Legoland Windsor with her daughter aged 2 and a half. We travelled to the park from London not too difficult and arrived at about We used a 2 4 1 voucher, which was absolutely necessary, because without one it would have been 83 pounds for two adults- a shocking cost for the park within. However, with our voucher and some other coupons I had saved, it camed to It is absolutely true that legoland try to squeeze every last penny out of you. Even while buying our tickets, the ticket seller laughed and said 'enjoy spending your money today'.

He said it with a smile, but he wasn't joking. Meals are expensive, ice cream is expensive, photos are expensive Come prepared by bringing your own lunch which we did and keep costs to a minimum. The price versus quality ratio here is very poor. As we went on a tuesday outside of school holidays the park was quiet and there were very few queues.

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Quite often, we rode many of the rides twice without having to queue. This is a park designed for younger guests eight and under and there are no 'thrill' rides to speak of. My niece thoroughly enjoyed what was on offer for her though, and it took a long time to coax her from the water fountains and train rides. The park is divided into lands, but don't expect the quality of Disney.

The park looks and feels very dated- I feel a renovation would do the place wonders. Land of the Vikings was set on a hill and not once was I transported to a 'Viking' atmosphere. It just felt like what it was- a hill with a couple of rides thrown on. Pirate land was better, but could do with more rides.

The staff were, on the whole, quite shocking. They are clearly just staff who gain no satisfaction from their work. I believe the company who run legoland could really do with some customer service training, or at the very least, get their staff to smile occasionally.

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All in all, do not go to legoland expecting the quality or care of Disney. Go in with your vouchers and just enjoy what the park has to offer. If we had paid full price, we would have felt cheated. The park is sorely lacking in atmosphere and just plain cheeriness. Unless a refurb is on the cards, we will probably not go again. I've been going to legoland for years and this was our first visit since the birth of our new child. Most of the rides are as good as ever and the park is still excellent for younger children under But I would say some of the rides are starting to show their age: for example the Lego racers seem to have become almost impossible to steer.

That said overall it is still a great park for kids. Second: don't go on a Sunday : kids would be way too exhausted to go to school on Monday! This is nothing short of scandalous and legoland should be ashamed of coming up with this cheap trick. As a finance professional i understand the need to maximise profits but this is pathetic and actually leaves a sour taste.

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They argue that these profits will go straight back in to the park: isn't that what happens to most of the profits!? Legoland should re-think this policy: clearly they are copying Alton towers or is it the same company This is a great family fun day out, if you go in using offers. If we had paid full whack I would have been seriously disappointed. We all loved it - the rides were pretty much queue free if you go on the right day the extortionate Q-Bot - a queue jumping device at a tenner a head is pointless. I can see how it might be worth it on peak days however.

The new Atlantis ride is fabulous for all the family - some of the 'bigger' rollercoasters such as the Dragon have a 1metre limit, with most being 0. Over 1metre kids can ride on their own. If parking you can park on the yellow lines opposite the hotel for free from 6pm until 8am - but be sharp at 8am or you'll get a ticket. There is a pay and display from 7am which is about 90p an hour. Travel to Windsor from Slough is about minutes. Top tip - you can pay and get in from 9. The driving school and boating school seemed most popular so do these first. Like all places like this, they ain't content for you to pay to get in, they want to max you out while you're there.

And when you have excited children who don't get the concept of 'extortion' and just want to enjoy themselves it can be pretty tricky. Best rider operator - Octavius on the Viking swing ship, what a lovely guy and wish a few more the staff would put a smile on their face - some of them still have a lot to learn from Disneyland and it's basic customer care. That said, go with your eyes open, enjoy it for what it is and have a fabulous time. The children will love you for it.

Hi We have been to Legoland 5 times in the last year as we had Annual passes.

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We have just done our last trip this weekend and I thought I would share some tips. An annual pass is best value if you plan to go twice or more in a year we bought them and maxed our park visits out - I would have gone more but we live 2. The rides quieten down a lot towards closing - so do the big queue rides last - i. My children are able to go on these 2 or more times in a row if we do them about pm 3. If you are on your own and both of your children need an adult to ride with them then you can take them on one at a time and you dont have to queue twice.

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  • Just ask the attendant. We even did this on boating school because both of my children wanted to drive!


    Their least favourite rides are Laser raiders, Sky rider, Space Tower. And of course they love Miniland! The restaurant at the front of Legoland stays open later than the rides so you can always plan to have a meal there before you leave and avoid the worst of the queues.